Referees Committee submits its resignation to the Football Association


The Referees Committee of the Egyptian Football Association, headed by Gamal El-Ghandour, apologized for completing its mission, in a sudden step in light of the cessation of football activity.

The Football Association stated in an official statement that Jamal Al-Ghandour initiated his apology and members of his committee for completing the mission before the five-year committee charged with managing the Football Association headed by Amr Al-Janayni.

In a statement by the Football Association: “After his meeting with the members of the committee in charge of managing the Egyptian Football Association to study the current situation and suspending the activity, Gamal El-Ghandour, head of the referees committee, initiated his apology and members of his committee for not completing its mission before the quinquennial committee.”

The Football Association indicated in its statement that the step taken by Jamal Al-Ghandour and the members of the Referees Committee comes until members of the Jabaliya take what they see appropriate in light of the current conditions the world is going through due to facing the outbreak of Corona virus and its negative impact on football competitions.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian Football Association announced in the middle of this month to stop all football activities for 15 days as a precautionary measure against the outbreak of the Corona virus, before announcing in the past days the renewal of the suspension period, to ensure that the activity stopped until the middle of next April at least.


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