Reducing oil prices in the Emirates as of April 1 – Economy – Local Market


The Gasoline and Diesel Prices Follow-up Committee approved the April price, including value-added tax (5%), and the prices will start to apply from April 1, 2020.

The price of a liter of “Super 98” gasoline decreased from 2.16 dirhams this March to 1.91 dirhams, starting next April, with a decrease of 25 fils, while the price of a liter of “private 95” gasoline fell from 2.04 dirhams to 1.80 dirhams, a decrease of 24 fils.

The price of a liter of diesel decreased from 2.25 dirhams this month to 2.06 dirhams, as of the beginning of next April, with a decrease of 19 fils.

It is noteworthy that the fuel price standards adopted by the Ministry of Energy and Industry are determined on a monthly basis, according to the average global prices of oil, up or down, after adding the operating cost of the distribution companies.



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