Recycling 48,000 counterfeit items since the beginning of 2020


Dubai: «The Gulf»

Based on Dubai Customs’s keenness to combat the proliferation of counterfeit goods in the Middle East region, and to enhance the UAE’s green development strategy to preserve the environment and achieve sustainable development goals in support of the UAE’s national agenda and implementation of federal laws on intellectual property rights, the department represented by the Department of Protection of Rights Intellectual property by destroying 48,000 counterfeit pieces of international brands (Michael Kors American, APPLE products) this year, including 42,184 counterfeit pieces for APPLE, at a value of 861,000 dirhams, in the presence of a delegation from the Consulate General of the United States of America Delon Clancy and Fandana Nair are from the Commercial Attaché, Malik Hanouf is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Trademark Owners, Saud Al-Aqroubi is Director of International Relations at the Federal Customs Authority, and by Dubai Customs Youssef Uzair Mubarak, Director of the Department of Intellectual Property Rights Protection, Mohammed bin Nasser, Director of the Division of Property Dispute Resolution Intellectual, Sara Al-Suwaidi Director of the Department of Foreign Relations.
The Dubai Customs Department has strengthened its cooperation with the Council of Trademark Owners in combating counterfeit goods and protecting intellectual property rights, as cooperation is not limited to coordination in the field of recycling of counterfeit goods, but also to enhance the participation of trademark owners in workshops organized by the Department, to inform Inspectors and customs officials on new methods used in imitating goods.
The total number of cases of intellectual property disputes in the past year reached 337 cases of conflict with an estimated value of 40.2 million dirhams, of which 274 original products worth 33.4 million dirhams, 53 counterfeit products worth 10.8 million dirhams, and 190 brands were recycled during the year 2019 about 637 thousand Piece, the original merchandise cases percentage of the total was about 84%.
Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director General of Dubai Customs, said the department is working to combat counterfeit goods in all ways and address illegal practices related to intellectual property rights of companies by uniting efforts and exchanging experiences between countries to eliminate this dangerous phenomenon that negatively affects the economy and its sustainable growth.
The Director General of Dubai Customs stressed that the department is working within its strategy to achieve its vision of being the leading customs administration in the world that supports legitimate trade through its implementation of laws to protect original goods and support of trademark owners, in order to protect the investment environment and support the national economy of the United Arab Emirates, Through concerted security and awareness efforts to eliminate this dangerous scourge and reduce its spread and its impact on economic growth and public safety, as this phenomenon (counterfeit goods) incurred trademark owners heavy losses and hindered the recovery of the sector Zih.
Youssef Aziz Mubarak said: The Department of Intellectual Property Rights Protection works to combat the spread of counterfeit goods, and to limit it in order to preserve the property rights of companies and their trademarks, and to maintain the open market for these sectors, and to support them in all ways through commitment to implementing international agreements and treaties such as the TRIPS Agreement, The Department undertakes the registration of marks, commercial agencies and knowledge assets for the purposes of customs control and protection of trademarks and agencies.


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