Realme Launches Realme C3 And Realme 6i Via Video Conference


Realme announced that its latest smartphones, the Rilme C3 and the Rilme 6i, will be unveiled for the first time with the Helio G processor, next Monday.

These differently designed smartphones offer the most powerful devices in design and performance in their economic category, as Realmy always tries to offer its young users distinguished phones with strong performance and stylish design at a competitive price.

Rilmy’s strategy in 2020 aims to become the first three places in the Egyptian market, he said

Joseph Wang, General Manager of Rilmy Operations Middle East and Africa: “We aim to improve our experience, and this is by providing various devices starting from the economic category and medium and pioneering devices, which comes within our strategy to expand and cover the needs of all users in the Egyptian market during 2020”.
The realme 5 and realme 5 pro series had sales of more than 320,000 devices, and it was a phone

Realme 5 is the best phone in the category of 3 thousand pounds, and this success put realme 6i in the stricter competition and the possible level of demand is higher because of its strong features.

Wang pointed out that the Rilmy Plan for 2020 is very ambitious. The company will not only provide smart phones, but also will bring new products that depend on the Internet of things, such as smart watches and smart accessories as well as smart TVs.

He added, “On the other hand, the second pillar of the Realme strategy is sales, and how to reach a lot of customers in Egypt. We already have more than 3,500 points of sale.”


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