Real Madrid wins a new title of quarantine in the “virtual world”


Spanish club Real Madrid has not stopped winning trophies, this time in the “virtual world”, which has become the only stage of matches with football matches stopped due to the spread of Corona virus.

The title of Real Madrid came through the video game “FIFA 20”, which was held by the tournament system, and included all the Spanish league teams.

A player from most of the league’s clubs represented his team in the virtual tournament, which was broadcast on the “Twitch” platform, for the Spaniard Marco Asensio to win the title for Real Madrid in the tournament.

Asensio won the championship title after Real Madrid won the final match against Leganes, who was played by Aitor Roebal, in a “thrilling” final match that ended with a 4-2 result of “Al-Maliki”.

Asensio posted a photo of himself celebrating the tournament, wearing a Real Madrid shirt, from his home in Madrid.

More than 170,000 viewers gathered to follow the final game of the game “FIFA 20”, on the Twitch site, and the encounter met with great follow-up as well through social media.

More than 130,000 euros of virtual tournament revenue have been collected, and will be donated to UNICEF.


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