Real Madrid take advantage of Corona’s stop to rearrange Zidane’s priorities


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London – “Arab Jerusalem”:

Most of the sources close to Real Madrid indicated that President Florentino Perez promised to coach Zinedine Zidane to fulfill his wish by contracting an alternative at the same level and efficiency as midfielder Casemiro to get rid of the headache of the severe numerical deficiency in the Brazilian international center.

The newspaper “AS”, which is close to the members of the Royal Club, said that the Spanish businessman will strive to use the freeze of football in the country and various European leagues due to the fatal Corona epidemic to rearrange Zizo’s priorities in the next stage, in agreement with a midfielder who has what Enough talent and potential, to compete against Casemiro for a spot in the focal point.

According to the report, the French coach suffers from a headache that does not exist in the same position as his favorite Brazilian player, given that young midfielder Federico Valverde has not yet matured to occupy the center position of the pivotal midfielder, while former world champion Tony Crosse does not occupy the same position, rather he tends More for the false playmaker role in front of the midfield defenders.

The source strengthened his account, by citing the language of numbers and statistics, with Casemiro participating in 35 games out of 38 battles fought by the Kings Club before freezing football activity last week, as the most Real players to obtain available minutes of play, because there is no alternative in the same position.

The newspaper stated that Perez will replace Zidane with a midfielder who meets all the conditions necessary to wear the heaviest shirt of a football team in the world, to correct the dilemma of last summer, by dispensing the talented Spanish youngster Marcos Laurenti, without buying a player in the same position that he shares with Casemiro, despite the fact that the boy The twentieth expressed himself with the team, before its energy exploded with Atletico Madrid, as demonstrated by the night of the overthrow of Liverpool from the Champions League.

In conclusion, she made it clear that Perez is differentiating between three names to achieve what she described as “a wish” Zidane, in the forefront of which is the discovery of Ren Eduardo Kamavenga, after his remarkable appearance in League 1 this season, but it applies to the conditions and policy of the club, as a young player and its affordable price is 60 million euros, Like the other raw talents that Merengue has acquired in the past few years, he is followed by another French player, Bocari Soumare, in Lille, and then their compatriot Paul Pogba, despite the failure of last summer’s attempt, to keep Manchester United going.


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