Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is suspected of contracting the Corona virus


A state of controversy experienced by supporters Real Madrid Toward a matter of suspicion Florentino Perez, President of the Royal Club With corona virus The newcomer «Covid-19».

The beginning after the announcement of an injury Mauricio Gomes Matos, The Brazilian vice president of Flamingo and the club’s marketing officer, with this virus, after positive results were shown after the symptoms of Corona appeared.

This concern came as Peres met with Brazilian officials in the first week of March during their visits to Madrid, and they toured the Santiago Bernabeu Castle.

Mauricio not only met the head of the Meringue, but went to a castle Barcelona Meet Eric Abidal, Athletic Director of the Catalan Club.

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The Brazilian delegation was present at the El Clásico match earlier this month, when Vinicius Jr. opened the goals series.Currently, Jumis de Matos has been at Santa Luisa Hospital in Brasilia since last Thursday.

On Saturday, February 28, Flamingo officials arrived in the sporting city of Maringi “Valdebias” headed by Rodolfo Landem and Gustavo Oliveira, deputy director of marketing at the Brazilian club, and they were received by Jose Angel Sanchez and Johnny Calafat, especially in light of the good relationship between them after the deals of Vinicius and Renier Jesusius in Last few years.

So far, the Royal Club has not issued any official statement clarifying the extent of the situation of the President of Real Madrid, and in the coming hours everything will be clear.


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