Real Madrid opens the door to leave for Gareth Bell


Press sources inside a club revealed Real Madrid The Royal Club is assuming the departure of the Welsh player Gareth Bale On the ranks of the team in the upcoming summer Mercato and plans to live without him in Santiago Bernabeu Next season.

The Royal Club sees the need to get rid of services Bill In the next season, in order to get rid of the high salary he receives in the club without achieving the required addition to the team.

I also confirmed that the French Alf director, Zinedine Zidane He will remain in his position as Real Technical Director for the next season, whatever happens, and Bell’s position will remain the same, therefore his presence is not required and must be disposed of immediately.

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Perhaps a crisis came Corona Virus The newcomer to push the white club to take such a decision to get rid of the huge financial burdens that the club must pay to the player.

And Real hopes to achieve what he hopes in the Bell deal by selling his contract to one of the clubs interested in joining him in the coming period, to take advantage of the money of the deal in contracting with other players in the summer.

It is noteworthy that the relationship of the Welsh Gareth Bale and Real Madrid is not so good starting from the current season, as the player did not participate much this season and did not score or contribute to achieving any goals or decisive results for his team, in addition to the large number of his injuries and his frequent absences from the games and matches, in addition to his problem Famous after his country qualified for the Euro 2020 championship and raised the flag of Wales after the match, and it was written on it “Wells-Golf-Madrid”, which angered officials and fans of Merengue and the relationship between them was strained in that period.

We’ll see what the coming days will reveal about the fate of Welshman Gareth Bale, where will his destination be and who will be his replacement at Real Madrid?


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