Real Madrid joins the “Stay in Your Home” campaign to tackle the Corona virus


join Real Madrid To the global campaign “Stay in your home”, which the world is adopting, in an attempt to confront the global epidemic “Corona virus”, after the number of people infected with it around the world reached more than 156 thousand positive cases.

And the World Health Organization announced, Corona Virus The newly emerging outbreak around the world is a “global pandemic,” despite its assurances that it can still be controlled, despite the fact that the number of people infected with it has doubled in the last two weeks outside China 13 times.The number of HIV infections in Spain is only 6,391, while 196 people have died, and 517 have recovered from the disease.

Real Madrid posted a video of it on its website, joining the campaign “Stay in your Home”, with the aim of inviting fans to stay in their homes during the quarantine period announced by the government to address the threat of the spread of the new Corona virus.

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The video shows several players from football and basketball teams such as Marcelo and VieiraKarim Benzema And Raphael Varane repeats the phrase “This match is at home, it is everyone’s responsibility, I am staying at home.”

The video also includes a speech for the leader of the first football team, Sergio Ramos, in which he says, “As used to be dear Alfredo Di Stefano, there is no good player alone, now the same thing happens, we are all one team, it is very easy .. stay at home, everyone’s responsibility is responsibility The individual, I am staying at home. ”

International sporting activity stopped due to the spread Corona coronavirus emerging He came in the shadow of his crisis Real Madrid Where he lost the lead La Liga In favor of Barcelona, ​​his position became complicated to cross to the quarter-finals of the championship Champions League After the defeat at the Santiago Bernabeu, Manchester City beat Manchester City 2-0 in the first leg.


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