Real Madrid defender raises doubts before Manchester City match


Team succeeded Manchester City The Englishman beat the hosts team Real Madrid The Spaniard, on the evening of February 26, with two goals versus one goal at the Merengue Stadium «Santiago Bernabeu»Within the competitions of going to a final price Champions League.

And the royal captain, Sergio Ramos, On a red card in the 86th minute of the match, after the Brazilian striker was blocked Gabriel Jesus To prevent direct contact with the Belgian Guard Thibaut Courtois.

Ramos’s expulsion in front of City will make him miss the rematch in the stadium «the Union»On March 17, for the second time in a row after his absence last season from the return match against Ajax Amsterdam at the Bernabeu Stadium.

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The Brazilian, Eder Militao, is the alternative to make up for the absence Sergio Ramos In the return meeting in front of City in a playground the Union, But looking at his posts with the White This season with the Royal, especially against Real Betis and Real Mayuca in the Liga, in front of Real Sociedad in the King’s Cup, and in the Paris Saint-Germain match in France in the group stage for Championlig, all meetings ended in defeat with a poor performance of the Brazilian defender, which raises many doubts about the future Player with Real Madrid, Particularly in the rematch in front of Manchester City, As he is considered the official substitute for Sergio Ramos in that fateful match.

On the other hand, we find that the Spanish international defender, Jose Ignacio NachoAnd who spent his entire career with Real Madrid starting with his first appearance with the first team in 2011 and with him until he accomplished many tournaments, including the Champions League title four times, and was part of the team in the 2018 World Cup, his role has diminished completely this season, especially after the advent of Zidane, who made Nacho from a key player to an alternative, which reduced his level significantly, and it is difficult to participate in the return match against the Citizens.

Therefore, Zidane must address the mistakes and speed of preparing the efficient alternative in the defense center to face the decisive City in the return match, which does not accept division by two and no alternative to Al-Mernaji, except for winning and ensuring the rise to the next round.

It is noteworthy that Real Madrid signed the Portuguese defender Eder Militao earlier this season, to become the first royal deal for Zinedine Zidane in his second term.

The team is occupied Real Madrid Currently the second place in the Spanish league table this season with 56 points, two points behind the Barcelona team with 28 points, but so far the La Liga games that stopped for two rounds as a precautionary measure against the outbreak of the Coruna virus have not resumed.


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