Ragheb Alama refuses to donate to face Corona and reveals the shocking cause


The Lebanese artist Ragheb Alama announced his rejection
To make a donation to counter the emerging coronavirus, he said: “I am not a politician, they have taken too much of
Country “, considering that the situation is painful, and hopes that God will raise his anger, which came as a result of how evil
The great ruler of the world and the rulers of Lebanon.
He also called for a fund to be in the hands of a trusted body,
He does not trust politicians because they are used to stealing money from us, and distributing it among them
He said.
“Alama” responded in an OTV intervention with Joel Bou Younes, a journalist, to the criticisms made
I faced him after he was present on the Corniche, despite his calls and all the calls for home commitment to fight
Corona epidemic.
He mentioned that he practiced his sport on bicycle
Every day, he did this on the right of the road and not on the Corniche, asking, “What is the problem?”
If a person plays sports on the Corniche in light of the closure of sports clubs? “
He emphasized that what was published was fabricated as it was shown
Sitting between people, the truth is different and he was accompanied by his son and brother and a young friend, and an escort
for him.
Ragheb said that he considered what happened with him to be criticized by someone
One and its aftermath, and this matter was placed behind him.
He stressed that it has become known how to transmit a virus
Corona is for the person, and he confirmed that he is the most committed person, but “Stay home” for him no
It means that he locks windows, does not eat or drink.
He said that he goes out of the house for necessity, and takes great notice.
It even sterilizes everything it uses.


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