Ragheb Alama donates 25 million pounds to the Rafic Hariri Hospital


As part of the national donation campaigns undertaken by the various authorities in Lebanon to confront the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, the artist Ragheb Alama made a donation of 25 million Lebanese pounds, saying: “I would like to greet everyone for his donation even if he provided a small amount,” he added: “The looted and stolen Lebanese people are the ones who He stood at the time of adversity, and at the other end of his plunder and stole billions of dollars, they have disappeared until this moment. ”

Ragheb added, while looking at the “Umm. T. In. ”Lebanese, which launched a TV donation campaign:“ We need to be hand in hand to cooperate in overcoming this crisis, and that is why I would like to donate 25 million pounds, of which 15 million Lebanese pounds will be allocated to the medical staff at the Rafic Hariri University Hospital, and the amount of 10 million pounds. Of the Lebanese Red Cross.

He also called on his fellow artists to take similar initiatives, such as distributing food aid that he began distributing since the beginning of the crisis, especially to needy and poor families who stopped working due to the current conditions in Lebanon.


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