Rafic Hariri University Hospital reveals the status of those infected with the Corona virus


Rafic Hariri University Hospital released the daily report on the latest developments on the emerging corona virus, and it said: “Rafic Hariri University Hospital received during the past 24 hours 74 cases in the emergency department designated to receive cases suspected of being infected with the new corona virus, all of which were subject to the necessary medical statements, and they needed 25 cases to enter the quarantine based on the evaluation of the supervising doctor, while the rest adhere to the home quarantine.

Laboratory tests were carried out for 52 cases, the result of 51 negative, and one positive, which was the case that was transferred to Hariri Hospital last night from the American University Hospital.

Today, 19 people who were present in the quarantine area in the hospital left, after the result of the laboratory examination was negative, after their recommendation to stay under the quarantine area in the home, where they were provided with all the necessary instructions and means of protection in accordance with the directives of the World Health Organization.

To date, there are 19 cases in the quarantine area.

As for the positive cases inside the hospital, their number has increased to 15, and work is underway to transfer the patient infected with the Corona virus from the Lady of Aid Hospital to Rafic Hariri University Hospital, and the mentioned case raises the total number of infected cases in Lebanon by 16 cases.

The condition of the patient infected with the new virus from the Iranian subordinate is still critical, while the status of the rest of the infected is stable, and all of them receive the necessary care in the isolation unit. ”

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