Qusai Khole suddenly with his son, the brigadier general for the first time


Syrian actor Qusai Khouli surprised his followers by changing the image of his account on “Instagram” with a photo that he gathered with his son, the brigadier general, without revealing the details of his face.

Qusai with his son, Brigadier General
Qusai with his son, Brigadier General

He did not know whether the photo was new or old and whether reconciliation between Qusai and his wife Madiha Al-Hamdani was complete, or whether the photo was old and Qusai published it in response to Madiha’s accusations that he does not take care of his son.

Photo published by Madiha
Photo published by Madiha

Madiha had published a picture of her son and Qusai on the mother’s day in March and accompanied her with a comment, “We will walk hand in hand until you leave it. I made you, but you made me a mother.”

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