Qatar reveals the extent of its penetration of the Saudi forces (video) – Urm News


While the world is busy fighting the outbreak of the Corona virus, Qatar is engaging in its media intrigues against Saudi Arabia, this time showing a size that enables it to penetrate Saudi Arabia and its operations in Yemen.

It is my party’s intelligence work with the distinction of that broadcast by the Qatari channel Al-Jazeera under the title “Death on the Borders” claiming that it is a investigative investigation that reveals the secrets of the Yemeni recruitment on the Saudi border.

The alleged investigation really reveals the secrets of the “Reform” party, the arm of the Brotherhood in Yemen, where the party’s intent was seriously and unprecedented. The party’s elements have worked over the past years to penetrate the Saudi forces using secret intelligence cameras that monitored and documented all the movements and offices of the Saudi authorities, and even reached the point The leader of the coalition forces, Prince Fahd bin Turki bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, was personally photographed with a secret camera without his knowledge.

Al-Jazeera tried to promote its alleged investigation as a “juicer” of months of research and investigation and cooperation with what it called “field teams”; but it forgot or has forgotten that the contents of the program are merely repetitions with a title similar to what was presented by a Yemeni website affiliated to the Reform Party funded by Doha; Last January 22, under the title “Death Brigades”, and after two months the island returned to broadcast it with a difference in directing arts, and guests whose whereabouts were hidden so that the public did not know that they were speaking from Qatar or Turkey.

What is remarkable about the achievement of the old new Al-Jazeera: the Houthi praise it received from the leader of the group, Muhammad Al-Bakhiti, which reveals perhaps the size of the public convergence in the positions between the Houthis and the Islah party.


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