Putin and Erdogan announce cease-fire agreement in Idlib


Turkish Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian Vladimir Putin, on Thursday, reached a cease-fire agreement in northern Syria that will come into effect from midnight on Thursday.

The talks between the two presidents continued for 6 hours, dealing with recent developments in Idlib, where 33 Turkish soldiers were killed days ago by Syrian fire, before Turkey responded with a massive bombing campaign targeting the Syrian regime forces.

Despite the agreement, Erdogan stressed in a joint press conference with Putin that “there is consensus and points of contention between us.”

Erdogan renewed his accusation of the Syrian regime forces of violating the agreement in northern Syria.

The Turkish president threatened that Turkey would respond “with all its might” to any new attack by the Syrian regime.

Under the agreement, Moscow and Ankara will conduct joint patrols on the M4 motorway.

For his part, Putin said that the regime forces suffered heavy losses, noting that his country’s relations with Ankara allowed the differences to be overcome.

Putin stressed the need to continue the implementation of the Astana agreement with regard to the situation in northern Syria.

Putin said that Russia had informed the Turks of militant attacks on Russian forces in Syria.


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