Protest movement and escalation in the Hariri Hospital today


The Committee of the Employees, Contracts, and Procedures of the Hospital of the Martyr Rafic Hariri Governmental University affirmed in a statement that “after all the suffering and suffering of the employees of the Rafic Hariri Governmental University Hospital, and the great heroics and sacrifices that its workers offer since the opening of the hospital, especially in our days, the spread of the Corona epidemic has remained, so they are still to this The moment they did not receive their full entitlements, such as the series of ranks and salaries, degrees of contractors and other matters, just like the rest of the public sector and the various government hospitals, and their lack of seriousness in dealing with their rights, until the matter reached the administration and the concerned parties to the point of recklessness and disregard for it Which borders maximum of returned unbearable, so we will resort to the escalation and move the protest on Friday 03/27/2020, which will bring together a speech to the Committee staff at ten in the morning.


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