“Proactive monitoring” reveals a third of cases of “corona” infection at Saudi outlets


          The Ministry of Health expects the circle of contacts to expand to a thousand people ... and the first injured person in Qatif recovered            </p><div>

          <p>The Saudi Ministry of Health continued its preventive measures to prevent the new coronavirus (COVID-19), through proactive observations and laboratory tests conducted on at least 3,500 people suspected of being infected and confirmed by only 21 cases.

This comes at a time when the Ministry of Health expects the department of contacts to expand from 800 cases to a thousand cases, whereby the owners are isolated from home or quarantined, and conducting the necessary laboratory tests for them.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Ali, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, confirmed that the health authorities in Saudi Arabia continued their precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus in outlets, health facilities and other sites, in the context of proactive monitoring, as 3,500 people within the circle of those with suspected cases were examined, so 21 cases turned out to be One of them is already infected with the new Corona virus.

Speaking to the media in the daily briefing, the spokesman pointed out that the most recent case is an Egyptian national who was coming from New York and passing from King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah towards Egypt, indicating that his condition was monitored while passing through thermal cameras, where it was found that there was an increase In his heat, he was provided with health care through the detection, isolation, and medical examinations that confirmed his infection with the virus. The passenger was present in Egypt before flying to the United States during the 14 days preceding his arrival at Jeddah airport.

Dr. Al-Abd Al-Ali added that a third of the 21 confirmed cases in Saudi Arabia were monitored proactively at the outlets through health control procedures, adding that this indicates the ability of the outlets to monitor these cases early. He pointed out that other cases were monitored through health control and epidemiological investigation, where they are isolated at home or quarantined.

The total of those who were collected and placed in the list of contacts is approximately 800 cases, and this department is expected to expand and reach one thousand cases of contacts, according to what Dr. Al-Abdi said, who made it clear that they will be isolated from home or quarantined, and conduct the necessary laboratory tests for them.

The spokesman added that the number of those who were subjected to quarantine or domestic isolation reached about 2500 people, while the number of those examined through the outlets exceeded 540 thousand.

The 21 cases infected with the new coronavirus in Saudi Arabia are distributed in five cities, which are 18 in the eastern region of Qatif and Dammam, one in Riyadh, one in Jeddah, and one in Mecca.

The Saudi Ministry of Health has set up a hospital dedicated to deal with cases of the new Corona virus in all regions of the Kingdom and additional governorates, numbering 25 hospitals, in addition to 3 backup hospitals when needed.

And later in the day, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced on its website in “Twitter” that the first case of people with new corona in the Kingdom had recovered, and that it was for a citizen who was among the cases in the medical isolation in Qatif Central Hospital, where a laboratory examination was conducted He proved free of the virus, and confirmed that he is “now in good health”, and is preparing to leave the Qatif Hospital.

Abdullah Al-Serafy explained that his brother Hussein, who recovered from the virus, initiated detection when he was in Iran, and that he arrived in Saudi Arabia via King Fahd Bridge, linking Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, where he was confirmed with the new “Corona”.

Al-Serafi said, in a telephone call to Asharq Al-Awsat, that his family is in constant contact with him daily from inside the Al-Qatif Hospital (eastern Saudi Arabia), and that the capabilities provided to him were high-level. He added, “My brother arrived in Saudi Arabia, and with him two others, as he was still under heavy medical care.”

Meanwhile, social media platforms in Saudi Arabia formed a platform for spreading rumors of 600 confirmed cases of the new Corona virus, which were from personal accounts. This made the Ministry of Health spokesperson confirm in his answer to “Al-Sharq Al-Awsat” that it was totally incorrect. Reality related, as the number of confirmed cases is only 21. He continued, “Celebrities in society should spread awareness and information that is honest and reliable,” noting that the word is calculated and may affect the lives of millions of people if they depend on them and they are not sure of its authenticity.

Dr. Al-Abd Al-Ali also stressed that there are procedures currently in place to limit the Saudi citizens who are outside Saudi Arabia who have disclosed and benefited from the period of disclosure of their presence in Iran, pointing to preparations to determine the way to reach them and study how to return them to Saudi Arabia and provide services to them and ensure their safety in the countries in which they are, He pointed out that their arrival in Saudi Arabia will include the application of health procedures before they enter from detection and screening to ensure their safety.

The Saudi embassies in many countries continued to evacuate their nationals and arrange and coordinate their return with the relevant authorities, as was preceded by Saudi Arabia’s decision to suspend travel to a number of countries, which was followed by an invitation to Saudi embassies to urgently communicate with them and register citizen data, in preparation for arranging departure at the earliest opportunity. In this context, the Saudi embassy in Lebanon coordinated the conduct of two flights on the following Saturday and Sunday (14-15 March), for Saudi citizens and their families who wish to return to the Kingdom.


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