Private art – Darren Haddad falls in love with Bassam Koussa


The “art” website specifically and exclusively taught that the Tunisian actressDarren HaddadShe arrived in Damascus to participate in the series “Souk Al-Harir” (Souq Al-Niswan), in her first participation in the Syrian drama, after she participated in about 15 series in Tunisia and Egypt.
According to our information, Darren will go into work adventures and major challenges in the work, through a love relationship that she will collect with “Imran”, who plays the role of the Syrian actor.Bassam Koussa.
It is noteworthy that Daren Haddad traveled in 2011 to Egypt and studied in a private school for acting, so actor Adel Imam visited them and drew his attention to acting and presented it to his son, director Rami Imam, who was assigned a role in the series “Nagy Atallah Band” in 2012.
Among her series “Dar Al Khallaa, Zee Al Ward, Vertigo, in the blink of an eye, my share and your division, The Legend, Between Two Worlds”, and from her films “The Blue Elephant, Your Attitude Thank You, Pro, Fraser Campaign, Ali Baba”.


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