Preventive measures in all outlets


Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, head of the Crisis and Disaster Team in Dubai, confirmed that all concerned agencies in the emirate are operating at full capacity around the clock, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, through various medical work teams of the Health Authority in Dubai, in order to Confirm the highest levels of protection for all members of society and apply all precautionary measures to prevent the emerging corona virus (Covid 19), especially in different travel outlets.

With regard to travelers through the air and sea ports in Dubai, Al-Marri stressed that all necessary measures have been taken to facilitate and accelerate the pace of completing all of their preventive health measures, while ensuring the highest levels of comfort, in order to preserve their safety and the safety of all other travelers, without affecting On the dates of their trips through these outlets, explaining that the safety of all is a priority that does not compromise.

He explained that all travel outlets have been provided with thermal scanning devices to discover any cases of high temperatures for any of the travelers, as all will enter those ports, whether for a temporary period for transit passengers who resume their trips to other destinations, or travelers coming to the country through Dubai ports , They will be examined by these devices to ensure that they are free of fever or any increase in the temperature of their bodies.

He said that special medical measures are taken with travelers from countries affected by the virus, and those that pose a threat, which does not apply to transit travelers.

These additional measures will include taking surveys from these travelers for the purpose of laboratory tests, in addition to filling out the traveler for a questionnaire gathering health information related to him, as travelers to the UAE and those coming from those destinations in particular, must take into account that these procedures will take approximately two to 3 hours Additional to their flight time. After completing these checks and ensuring that travelers coming from these countries are free of the virus, they will be able to resume their trips and enter the country’s land through these outlets very naturally, and it remains possible to contact any of these travelers by the health authorities in case there is a need to complete Some medical procedures that may include the necessity to go to a health unit, or the obligation of self-isolation at home until further notice.

Abdullah Al-Marri stressed that the Crisis and Disaster team works closely and around the clock to coordinate with all concerned authorities in the Emirate of Dubai, foremost of which are airports, customs, and Dubai International Ports, the ambulance institution, the media office of the government of the emirate, Dubai Municipality, the Roads and Transport Authority, and the Department of Tourism and Commercial Promotion And also at the level of the UAE in general, including close coordination with those in the transport and aviation sectors, in order to monitor developments in the global situation with regard to the spread of the new Corona virus, and to ensure an immediate response to any developments in accordance with best practices and Air pursued in this regard at the world level, and in light of the recommendations of the World Health Organization, to ensure the highest levels of health, safety and security for the citizens, residents and visitors of the UAE, and to contribute to supporting global efforts to contain the virus, limit its spread in various countries and eliminate it.


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