Postponement of the release of the songs of Mohamed Mohy’s new album due to Corona


The “Music Record” company that produced the new album of the artist, Mohamed Mohy, has postponed the release of the songs of the album that was supposed to be released last Sunday, but given the circumstances the world is witnessing, and it was decided to hold my meeting with the “Mazika” company tomorrow, Wednesday, to agree on the date of the good launch, according to For the album marketing plan.

Provided that the new songs are released in agreement with the company “Mazika”, and the telecommunications company that obtained the rights of the album exclusively for its customers, so it is necessary to coordinate between them completely, which will be announced within hours.

Mohamed Mohy was supposed to release a new song two days ago entitled “Fouadat Amri” from the words of Ashraf Amin, composed by Mohamed Mohy and the distribution of the music composer Mohamed El-Ashi.

Mohamed Mohy had released a song from his album called “Sahranin”, the song was written by Nour El Din Hamdi, composed by Mohamed Mohy and distributed by the music distributor, Mohamed El-Ashi.

The album “Bataa Zaman” includes 18 songs, and is produced by “Music Record”, owned by Haitham Derderi, while “Mazika” company is responsible for marketing and launching the album in the markets and electronic stores.


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