Postponement of the legendary Indy 500 race


The Indy 500 race was supposed to take place on May 24 in its traditional location, while the Indianapolis Grand Prix was supposed to take place on May 9.

“May is the favorite Indianapolis circuit of the year, and like all of our fans, I am disappointed to reschedule the Indy 500,” said Roger Pinsky, whose championship and circuit group owns.

He added, “But the health and safety of the participants and the fans present at our event is our top priority, and we believe that delaying the event is the most appropriate decision in light of the circumstances and constraints we face.”

And he added, “We will continue to focus on the ways in which we can improve the customer experience in the coming months, and I am confident that we will welcome the fans with an updated facility and international offer when establishing the greatest race in the world.”

According to the new schedule, the test sessions will take place on August 12 and 13, and then the “Quick Friday” competitions on the 14th, with qualifiers for the Indy 500 race taking place on the 15th and 16th, while the same race will be held on the 23rd of the same month.


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