Possible scenarios for the return of the English Premier League


Although the UK is floundering in its fight against the emerging coronavirus, which as of yesterday morning claimed more than 1,400 lives out of more than 22,000 cases, there has been much talk in recent days of possible scenarios for the return of the Premier League football, most notably closed camps and the completion of the season on Neutral stadiums without an audience.After a decision was made in mid-March to suspend soccer activities until April 4 due to the Corona virus, English football officials decided to extend the suspension period until April 30, and they will meet on Friday to decide the next step. Contradictory voices began to rise regarding the next step that should be taken, as some called for the season to be canceled in the event that it was not possible to complete it by the end of June, while others considered that the long-awaited title of thirty years should be awarded to Liverpool, in the event that the decision to stop is taken completely since it is not fair Depriving him of the coronation, he leads the standings, 25 points behind his closest attainers, after 29 out of 38 stages.
And waiting for the “black” vision to develop until now in light of the continuing rise in the number of cases of “Covid-19” virus in the United Kingdom, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Minister Delegate to the Ministry of Health Nadine Doris, some scenarios are being discussed behind the scenes.
The option to complete the season in neutral stadiums and behind closed doors, while allowing only the basic staff and players to transfer to the league, is the most frequently presented option and it is believed that there is increased support from clubs for this plan, to complete the remaining nine stages in June and July, especially After the decision to defer the European Cup and the Tokyo Olympics from the summer of 2020 to the summer of 2021.
In the event that those concerned decide to proceed with this plan, the remaining matches may be held only in one or two locations in the Midlands (central) and London, with players and technical and medical cadres being forced into closed camps away from their families, similar to those that precede the major championships of teams or matches Club competition finals, to avoid infection with the Corona virus.

The rest of the matches are likely to take place in only one or two locations in the Midlands

The radical decline of the “Covid-19” virus in the United Kingdom during the next two months is the key to this plan for a number of reasons, most notably the alleviation of players’ fears of the possibility of contracting the virus while playing, as well as avoiding that players become vulnerable to criticism for having the privilege to undergo tests not available to the general public, especially Frontline workers to fight this pandemic.
And in the event that the number of injuries does not recede between now and the summer, the official medical staff will have to devote a large part of their efforts to examining the players in a non-essential and fateful event for the country, the British will not receive approval at all.
Given the massive catastrophic impact of the virus on society in general, many see it morally inappropriate for players to return to stadiums this early, but rather to wait until the virus is completely under control before resuming play. If it is expected that the number of HIV infections will peak in the United Kingdom during the month of June, this means that the suspension of sports activities will be maintained until August or September. And the wait will allow the complete completion of the current season, ensuring that the Premier League does not have to pay 750 million pounds (930 million, 842 million euros) to the companies that transport to Premier League due to the breach of the contract.

Worried in Liverpool
There are officials who support the position of Caen and see that “there is no place for sport at the moment,” most notably the president of the Federation, Greg Clark, who told the Premier League earlier this month that he was not expected to complete the season, according to local reports. Certainly, this scenario destroys Liverpool, who needed to lose its pursuit of Manchester City to Burnley, in order to have its fate in its hands when confronting its arch-rival Everton two days later, before deciding to suspend the league.
In a report issued on Monday, the Mirror newspaper reported that there were negotiations in order to try to give Liverpool the title and then decide to suspend the league, with the coronation being at home against Crystal Palace in the 31st stage if City defeated Burnley before it one stage.
No one knows when the players will return to the stadiums, but when this is done, many hope to give Liverpool a chance to complete its long journey towards the summit.


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