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The third stage of episode (episode 14) within the “Poet of the Million” program, in its ninth season, began yesterday evening, beginning with the verses of the poet Aref Omar in praise of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and his reassuring statement. The Emirates and all of humanity, with his noble stances and his generous, noble qualities, “Do not cripple them,” which became at the forefront of what was dealt with by various social media (Trend).

In conjunction with the prevention and safety guidelines in order to preserve the Emirates, its people and residents on its soil, and with the slogan of Khalk Khalak at home, and “do not cripple them” that adorned the introductory poets ’views before their participation in the evening, the two journalists, Asmahan Al-Naqbi and Hussein Al-Amri, extended their thanks and appreciation to the members of the jury consisting of a director Abu Dhabi Poetry Academy, researcher and novelist Sultan Al-Amimi, Dr. Ghassan Al-Hassan, and the poet Hamad Al-Saeed, and two members of the advisory committee of the program, Professor Turki Al-Muraikhi and Badr Safouq.

The beginning of the episode was presented a report restoring the most important stations of the previous evening from the first and largest program of the Nabati poetry “The Million’s Poet”, which is organized by the Committee for the Management of Festivals and Cultural and Heritage Programs in Abu Dhabi, in which it qualified by the jury decision of the two poets Abdel Majeed Saud Al-Ghailani, and Mubarak Al-Aoud Al-Amri with a score of 50/50 For each of them, readers announced the results of the viewers ’voting through the site and application of the Million’s Poet, which lasted for a whole week, and led to the qualification of the contestant, Mutarab Bin Dahim Al-Otaibi, with a score of 92%. As for the rest of the unqualified poets, their results were as follows: Abdulaziz Al-Ablan Al-Daihani 46%. By Ahmed bin Jadaan Al-Azmi and Rakan bin Walid Al-Rashid 43%.

The evening witnessed a distinguished participation of poets Ahmed bin Ayed Al-Balawi, Khaled Al-Qusairi Al-Juhani, Mohammed Al Hammadi Al Otaibi, Muhammad Al Bandar Al Mutairi and Saleh Mohammed Al Anzi from Saudi Arabia, and Mazid bin Jadaan Al Wasmi from Kuwait, and the poet Ahmed bin Ayed Al Balawi from Saudi Arabia was the first contestant within the evening, with his distinguished poem On the poet’s ambition, he was recited by the second contestant, Khaled Al-Qusari Al-Juhani, from Saudi Arabia, with the poem “Dream of a Mother.”

And the third contestant, Saleh Muhammad Al-Anzi, from Saudi Arabia, was distinguished by the position of immortalizing and honoring the trace of the late Mohammed bin Khalaf Al-Mazrouei. As for the fourth contestant, Muhammad Al Bandar Al-Mutairi from Saudi Arabia, he distinguished himself by his poem in describing Noah Al-Hamam and Doha in the space of the Holy Mosque of Mecca.

The fifth contestant on the evening was Muhammad Al Hammadi Al Otaibi from Saudi Arabia with a love poem.

Mazyad bin Jadaan Al-Wasmi from Kuwait was the sixth contestant on the evening with his poem “Humanitarian Judgment”.

Within the activities of the evening, the Nabati poetry enthusiasts were on a date with a creative artistic poetry scene with the Emirati artist’s performance and the composition composed by the creative artist Fayez Al-Saeed, for the lyrics of the poem of the Emirati poet Ahmed Abdel Rahman Bou Senaida.

In conclusion of the evening, a quick review report was presented of the proceedings of the episode, followed by the announcement of the jury’s decision to qualify both the poet Mohammed Al Bandar Al Mutairi with a score of 50/50 and the poet Mohammed Al Hammadi Al Otaibi with a score of 48/50, while the results of the four poets who will wait for viewers to vote came Through the site and application of the Poet of the Million for a full week, as follows: 47/50 by the poet Ahmed bin Ayed Al-Balawi, 44/50 by the poet Khaled Al-Qusayri Al-Juhani, and 50/43 for each of Saleh Muhammad Al-Anzi and Mazid bin Jadaan Al-Wasmi.

– The episode started with verses in the praise of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and his saying that reassured the Emirates and humanity, “Do not cripple them.”




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