“Poet of the Million 9” .. A prayer for the unification of hearts and humanity to combat “Corona” – our lives – culture


On the evening of yesterday, the first evening of the third stage (the stage of 12 poets) was launched for the “Poet of the Million” program in its ninth season, which is organized by the Committee for the Management of Festivals and Cultural and Heritage Programs in Abu Dhabi, within the framework of its cultural strategy aimed at preserving heritage and promoting interest in Arabic literature and poetry .

And with the launching of the evening activities, which are considered the threshold for the final qualifications of the competition in its ninth season, the announcement of the criteria for the final stage in which 12 qualified poets compete from the previous stages, which extends over two evenings competing with each of six poets, the committee is entitled during the evening to qualify one or two poets , While the third, second, and third qualify for all of the committee’s scores and viewers ’votes. Sultan Al-Amimi explained the criteria for competition at this stage, noting that the art of blond depends on the language inventory of poets, and their ability to employ vocabulary with skill and intelligence.

Shortly before the launch of the poets’ posts: Ahmed bin Jadaan Al-Azmi, Abdul Aziz Al-Ablan Al-Daihani from Kuwait, Rakan bin Walid Al-Rashed, Abdul Majeed Saud Al-Ghaydani, and the singer Bin Dahim Al-Otaibi from Saudi Arabia, and Mubarak Al-Oud Al-Amri from the Emirates. In line with the exceptional circumstances experienced by humanity in the face of the Corona epidemic, the jury of the Million’s Poet program, in the tongue of Professor Al-Amimi, prayed for the unification of hearts and humanity and the solidarity of nations from everywhere to combat this disease, thanking the UAE leadership for making utmost efforts to reassure people, and grateful to those in charge of protecting humanity From the epidemic, from scientists working on the discovery of a vaccine for this epidemic, to doctors, nurses, health workers and security forces.

The poet Ahmed bin Jadaan Al-Azmi, from Kuwait, was the first contestant in the evening with his talk show between the heroine of his poem Monia Al-Subaie from Saudi Arabia, who was martyred while trying to save her father, after a fire surrounded them in their house, which her death came after the death of her husband seven years.

It was followed by the second contestant Rakan bin Walid Al-Rashed from Saudi Arabia, with a poem by Jazleh in Atab Al-Siddiq, and the third contestant Abdulaziz Al-Ablan Al-Daihani, from Kuwait. The poet’s struggle, anxiety, and fear, and tears between states of memory, nostalgia, and years of experience.

The fifth contestant, within the evening, was Mubarak Al-Oud Al-Amri from the Emirates, who reflected in his poem the Emirati poet, who was inspired by the love of the homeland and the vocabulary of belonging to him, and loyalty to his wise leadership.

As for the sixth contestant, Mutreb bin Dahim Al-Otaibi, from Saudi Arabia, he singled out the topic of organ donation, and the life that donors donate to those in need.

Poetry behind the screens, from the ocean to the Gulf, was on a date with an Emirati evening par excellence, which included a creative art scene by the Emirati artist Nasser Al Mansoori, composed by creative artist Fayez Al Saeed, and lyrics to the poem of the late Emirati poet Rashid Al Khader.

An Emirati evening performed by Nasser Al Mansoori, composed by Fayez Al Saeed, and the words of the late Rashid Al Khidr.




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