Players at a time of soccer comment: home sport, dogs and gardening


(MENAFN – Alghad Newspaper) PARIS – European footballers are looking for different ways to fill their spare time in light of the suspension of competitions due to the new Corona virus, and they publish various activities such as spending time with their children, caring for lawn, and playing with their dogs.
And the spread of the “Covid-19” virus, which killed more than six thousand people around the world, imposed almost complete paralysis in sports competitions, especially in Europe, where most national championships were suspended, in addition to the two continental Champions and Europa League competitions. These measures with strict restrictions on movement of travel and travel, which put players in the face of an unfamiliar reality in a period of the season usually schedule is crowded, especially with the approaching competitions and competitions of its last crucial stages.
And many of the game’s stars resorted to their accounts on the communication sites to share experiences unfamiliar to them during this period, and many of them acknowledged that “there is nothing left” to do, waiting to know what will happen to the season.
Among them are the Real Madrid players who were quarantined last week, after one of the players in the Royal Club’s basketball team was infected with the new Corona virus.
Defender Sergio Ramos, captain of the soccer team, posted footage and video of him exercising inside his house on a treadmill.
As for Marco Asensio, who suffered a knee injury in the summer of 2019, he published a picture of him as he continued to recover, but this time in his garden.
Their colleague, French striker Karim Benzema, who is known for his love for spending time at his home, has published pictures of him doing warm-up and weightlifting exercises.
But the usual player, like other professionals, to devote a long time to exercises and obligations to maintain fitness, admitted that he began to feel bored.
“I am here, in my garden, I have nothing to do,” he said in a video.
The 32-year-old attacker appeared on the tape alongside his dog, which prompted many users of the communication sites to compare him with the American actor Will Smith in the movie “I AM Legend”, where he spends a long time with his dog alone in New York City, after he became the only human Healthy in the American city, surviving an epidemic that killed most of its population.
As for the French player, Real Madrid basketball player, Fabian Cazour, he launched a live broadcast channel through the communication sites to show what he is facing during the quarantine period, during which he challenged athletes and celebrities with simultaneous exercises, such as the Belgian Thibaut Courtois, the club’s goalkeeper, and his former Slovenian colleague Luca Doncic Mavericks is currently, who also finds himself at home in light of the suspension of the basketball league in the United States.
As for the players of Barcelona, ​​the Spanish champions, they are subjected at home to a “specific and specific” sports training program developed by the technical staff of the team, and they monitor it remotely using biometric devices.
Argentine captain Lionel Messi posted a photo of him with his two sons at his home, accompanied by a message saying, “These are complicated times for all of us. We are worried about what will happen and we want to help by putting ourselves in the place of those who suffer the worst because it affected them directly (… ) Or by being on the front line in hospitals and medical centers. “
“Health should remain the priority (…) This is an exceptional situation.”
Individual exercises are central to the activities of the players in their homes.
Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski posted a photo of him doing home exercises and his daughter lying on his back, accompanied by a satirical commentary that said “tough exercises at home”.
As for the Brazilian Douglas Costa, the Italian Juventus player, who was put in stone after all of their teammate Daniele Rogani was confirmed to have the virus, he posted a videotape dribbling his dog with a ball in his garden.
His colleague, Argentine striker Paulo Dybala, released video tapes of his exercises in front of his dog, who repeatedly tried to prevent him from continuing to do so.
Italy is the country most affected by the virus in Europe, and by Sunday evening, 1809 deaths were recorded, while the number of infections exceeded the threshold of 24,000.
Chilean Alexis Sanchez, loaned to Inter Milan from Manchester United, published pictures of him collecting pieces of wood.
Lazio striker Ciro Imobili devoted himself to devising techniques for “dancing” the ball but using small games, or preparing meals for his family.
In France, players went into simple hobbies.
Rennes player, James Lea Celikie, turned to his Twitter account to post the dates of the TV quiz shows and revealed his love for the lyric programs.
As for the defender Angie Roman Toma, he confirmed that he spoke to his colleagues “and we said to each other (well, the weather is beautiful, and it is time to mow the lawn). So I mowed the lawn in the garden, this saves me time to think about other things.”
For his part, Strasbourg midfielder Adrian Thomason warned that players should prepare for a long period of “emptiness”.
“We will not have what we do, in the midst of the season, and this is something that did not happen before. Our habits have been turned upside down,” he said. “I will watch TV series and films (…) but it will be limited.” ((AFP)



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