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The Corona virus, which struck the world and spread very quickly, to become a pandemic that threatens all countries, and all people without exception, is one virus that appeared in China in its form, symptoms, transmission methods and speed of spread, and invaded Europe, then moved to America, and was not safe from it Most of the world.

But with that, its results are different from one country to another, especially with regard to the death rate. What happened in China is not like what happened in Italy, and what is happening now in America is different from what happens in Russia, and from here everyone must be aware that mitigating the spread of the virus, Or leave it to be more fierce, it is optional made by humans not by the virus!

Doctors expected that, at the beginning of the disease, the death rate would be around 2.2% and not exceed it, which made some compare it with the regular flu that kills annually much larger numbers, but the virus did not stop at this percentage, as the World Health Organization announced an increase in the proportion Deaths reached 3.4% of the affected cases, yet the United States achieved a much larger percentage, as it died so far 5.4% of cases, and this is greater than the death rate in China, the country of the disease outbreak, which reached 3.7%, and in Italy, deaths recorded a record One day, when the number of virus victims reached 1,000, they died in 24 hours!

So why does this happen? Why does the death rate differ from one place to another? Why is it horribly high in some countries, and significantly less in other countries, even though the virus is one, and its symptoms are the same, and the way it is spread is known ?!

The main reason for this is due to the health capabilities and systems in each country, but provided that the spread of the virus does not pressure the health system and cause it to collapse, there are medically developed countries that did not survive, because they did not take rapid preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus, and consequently caused them to collapse Completely, the number of deaths increased significantly, so the sooner countries take measures to restrict the movement of people and ensure that they stay in their homes, the lower the risk of the virus, and vice versa is true, the longer it is delayed, the higher its death.

The decision is in the hands of the people, and the password to prevent the spread of the virus, and prevent the breakdown of medical systems, is physical separation before social separation, meaning that every person treats people as infected, and treats people on the basis of being infected, this is the golden rule to combat “corona”, The virus is not a living being, it is not able to move and move from one place to another and from one person to another, the person is simply the one who carries the virus with his hand to enter it into his lung, and there is no other way to transmit the virus to him if he needs his house and restricts its movements except for urgent reasons only.

The more we tighten the procedures for physical separation, and the more the state takes preventive steps and measures to restrict movement more, we are able to reduce the pressure on hospitals, and we maintain a strong health system, so that it is able to deal with difficult and critical cases, and it can contribute and reduce the severity of the disease to other cases, Up to the point of full recovery, and only thus will society survive this epidemic, and this worry is crouching on all of us!

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