Paulo Dybala declares he was infected with Corona


Juventus striker Paulo Dybala, who has held the Serie A title in the last eight seasons, has declared his infection with the Corona virus, but confirmed that he is in “excellent” condition.”I wanted to inform you that we (along with his partner Oriana Sabatini) have received the results of the Covid-19 virus test … The results are positive. Fortunately we are in excellent condition. Thank you for your letters,” Dybala, 26, wrote in his accounts on social media.

The Italian club responded to Dybala’s tweet, “We are one team, Paulo!”The Calcio leader issued a statement saying, “(Dybala) has been subjected to a voluntary quarantine at his home since Wednesday March 11th. He will remain subject to surveillance, according to the usual system. He is fine and does not have symptoms.”

Dybala is the third Juventus player to be declared infected with the virus, after French midfielder Blaise Matuidi and defender Daniele Rogani.

Rogani was the first Serie A player to announce his infection with the virus, whose number of victims in the world reached about 13 thousand people until Saturday, which put the team and its technical and medical crews and even club president Andrea Annelli in voluntary quarantine.

Italy is the country most affected by the “Covid-19” virus in Europe, and it announced stopping sports activities completely until the third of April, as part of a series of harsh measures that included the closure of all stores except pharmacies and those that sell food products. As of Saturday evening, Italy had reported 4,825 deaths and 53,578 HIV infections.


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