Passports invite visitors with a visit visa to abide by the regulations and instructions – Saudi Arabia News


The General Directorate of Passports stressed the importance of all visitors arriving on a visit visa adhering to the Kingdom’s regulations and instructions, and commitment to extend the visit visa before the expiry of the period specified in the arrivals visa, stressing that failure to comply with the extension of the visa exposes its owner to the penalties prescribed in the system.

Passports indicated that the service to extend the visit visa is available through the electronic portal of the Ministry of Interior “Absher”, where this service enables individuals who issued a visit visa to extend the visa according to the rules of service, noting that the remaining period in the validity of the visa should be 7 days or less, That it has not passed more than 3 days ago, that the owner of the visa (visitor) is inside the Kingdom, pay the fees for the extension of the visa, and ensure that the validity of the passport of the visitor (visitor) at the time of the extension process, and that no unpaid traffic violations have been recorded on him , And that both the visa applicant and the owner of the The visitor (visitor) visa is alive, and the total period of the visit visa after the extension does not exceed 180 days from the date of entry into the Kingdom, knowing that the extension takes place according to the basic period in which the visa was issued.

Passports added that the visa’s validity period and its extension must be verified by entering the electronic services platform of the Ministry of Interior “Absher”, in order to avoid the application of the penalties prescribed by law against violators and so that their residence is legal in the Kingdom.


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