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On Sunday, France expressed apparent dissatisfaction with the investment by China and Russia of their anti-Corona virus for advertising purposes.

French Minister of State for European Affairs Amelie de Munchalan said that China and Russia should not use their assistance in the context of the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, as a “tool” for “propaganda” purposes.

In another context, the Minister indicated that the European Union will face “existential” issues, including issues related to the location of countries within it, in the event that it does not come out of the Covid 19 crisis.

“Solidarity cannot be used as a tool,” the French minister said in an interview with “France Inter” radio station, the newspaper “Le Monde” and “France TV”.

“Sometimes it is easier to do advertising, to show beautiful pictures and to take advantage of what is happening,” she added. “I am talking to you about China and Russia,” she added.

China, which appears to have managed to contain the epidemic on its soil, accuses Russia of seeking to use the aid they provide, especially to European countries, to propagate their systems.

Beijing sent nine expert Coronavirus experts and tons of health aid to Rome on March 12.

In turn, Russia, by sending virus experts to Italy and criticizing the European Union, is using its “soft power” to mislead, according to its opponents.

The Minister of State pointed out that France assisted China when it was the epicenter of the epidemic, and said, “At some point, China needed us … We sent 56 tons of equipment to China,” referring to European aid.

And considered that it should not enter into “accounts” and “exploitation”, because that would be “defective”.

And on the repercussions of the crisis “Covid-19” on the European Union, Amelie de Monchalan said, “It is necessary to prepare together to get out of the crisis, to get up and prepare for the next stage, and we have to show that we are effective because we will be together.”

On Saturday, former European Commission President Jacques Delors warned that the lack of solidarity would bring a “fatal danger to the European Union”.

The French minister considered that these days “we continue and continue together, as we are united”, pointing to the joint measures taken by the 27 members of the union in facing the health crisis and its economic repercussions.

She noted that «the European Central Bank launched a project worth 750 billion euros in support of countries, this is unprecedented. “We raised the rules of the deficit stabilization pact, and this is unprecedented.” She also mentioned the European Commission’s € 40 billion program.

And she considered that «the question can now be how to start again? Here we, as French, are making tremendous efforts … in order to say that there is no way out if each of us returns to his homeland, to its national closure. ”

She added that there are several “technical tools” for the recovery of the economy in the post-crisis period, explaining that “it can be represented by a European stimulus plan, and this matter can pass through the commission.”

“But we cannot absolve ourselves of this solidarity. And if some do not want, the question of their location and the issue of what we have to do as 27 countries will be raised and this is an existential, fundamental issue. ”




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