Panic in Damascus from a health disaster because of the Iranian presence


Concern has increased in Damascene circles, after news of the outbreak of the Corona virus in Syria through militias coming from Iran, as well as visitors to religious sites, but the Syrian authorities prevented these visits, and stopped the flights, due to fears of transmitting the epidemic, amid calls for further measures.

Damascene circles did not hide the fear of the Iranians visiting Damascus, expressing their hope that the Syrian health authorities will take more measures, in the absence of health qualifications in some areas where Iranian militias are deployed, such as the countryside of Damascus, Aleppo, and Deir Al-Zour.

Many merchants in the old Damascus markets confirmed that this deadly epidemic would add to Syria a new tragedy if measures were not taken against visitors, or that these visits were stopped, noting that the size of the Iranian flow did not stop to religious places, despite the news of the virus Frightening.

Yasser Al-Tahan, one of the business owners in the Al-Hamidiya market in the center of the capital, Damascus, said that the flow of visitors from Iran has become frightening for Damascus merchants, as this market is known to the Iranians, and it is usually crowded with foreign tourism.

He added that recently, the number of Iranian visitors to Syria decreased, after the spread of the Coruna virus, and the merchants have great reservations and fear of increasing Iranian visitors, pointing out that a group of merchants, appealed to the Ministry of Health in a collective speech, to consider this issue.

In this context, due to the growing fears that Iran will transfer the Corona virus to neighboring countries, a well-informed source in Damascus told Al-Bayan that the Syrian Ministry of Health had asked Tehran to cancel the flights, including religious ones, to Damascus for an indefinite period.

Concern and fear prevailed during the past days, from the influx of Iranian tourists to Syria, and a Damascene lady, to whom Al-Bayan spoke, spoke to her, that visits to the Hamidiyeh market were few, due to fear of contact with the Iranians, while visits to the shrines in old Damascus were absent due to the spread of the Iranians Abundantly in those areas.



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