“Othman Revenges” series “The Resurrection of Othman, Episode 16”, Othman kills his uncle and Balghali ”on the website of the light, the series of the founder Othman, episode 16, the sixteenth Algerian Al-Fajr channel


The series of the Resurrection of Osman Episode 16, a lot of fans of historical series follow the historical series The Resurrection of Osman series, which won the admiration of everyone, after the success of the series of the Artegral Resurrection, which made many viewers and fans of drama interested in Turkish and historical drama as well as the history of the Ottoman Empire where the series of the Resurrection of Artillery succeeded in publishing What happened in the Ottoman Empire during its beginning period with the conqueror Ertugrul was that he had a son who inherited from him many personal traits, personality strength and ambition to increase the area of ​​the Ottoman Empire.That is, after the success of the Artgrel series, the Osman series became the most famous on the space arenas and there was a lot of competition for obtaining the rights to display the Osman Resurrection series, as many expected its success before it started because of the continuation of the series of Ottoman conquests and the huge historical events in the history of the founding of the Ottoman Empire .

The events of the fifteenth episode of the series “The Resurrection of Uthman” was the escape of Uthman with the help of his followers from prison after he brought him uncle Dundar in the hands of the Mongols, so that Uthman began planning to escape and unify the ranks of his tribe and eliminate his uncle and then think about eliminating the danger of the Mongols, and that is what began in planning for him .

Resurrection Osman series, episode 16

This is where the events of the episode begin with the murder of Uthman’s uncle Dundar as well as the killing of Balghali because of their betrayal of him and causing his captivity in the hands of the Mongols, as Osman set a trap for Balghali and his men and fell into it and will begin to expel them from the Ottoman Empire to start establishing his state away from traitors.

The following channels show the Turkish Resurrection series ATV, the Algerian channel Al Fajr, the Yarmouk channel, the Da`wa channel and the Four Shabab channel, where you can Watching the Osman series without cutting

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