Organizational and economic challenges camp for the Formula One season


Paris – The organizers of the Formula One World Championship 2020, which was scheduled from 22 races, find themselves in front of a major dilemma due to the Corona pandemic, which imposed on the organizers to shorten it amid major organizational and economic challenges hanging over the season this year.

So far, the inaugural Grand Prix in Australia was canceled last week, and the Monaco Prize set for May. And between these and those awards, the Bahrain, Vietnam, China, Netherlands and Spain awards were postponed to a later date.

Despite this, the organizers and the American Liberty Media Group, which owns the rights of the championship, still hope to be able to set it up, though at a fast pace in which the races between the races are shortened, if the outbreak of the virus “Covid19-” allows this, and allowed the launch of the 2020 championship officially in the range. Perspective.

Table disorders

With the continuation of the announcement of the postponement of the races, until the complete abolition of the Monaco Award, which has been held continuously since the year 1955, the Azerbaijan Grand Prize became on the seventh of June, the first date that still exists on the tournament schedule, after it was scheduled to be its eighth stage. These changes impose enormous organizational difficulties, especially since the schedule is carefully prepared months before the start of the season, due to the travel and freight plans required for the teams and their technical and technical equipment, preparations at the local levels and links to sponsoring contracts and other television broadcasts.

“Rearranging the schedule is a very complicated matter because we do not know when it is possible to resume work,” said Alpha Romeo Friedrich Vasor team manager, given the uncertainty about the “Covid19-” developments around the world, and for how long the travel and travel restrictions will remain in order to combat its spread.

“There must be a comprehensive view,” said the French director of the Italian team. England is not very much affected (by the virus) at the moment, but it may become so when Italy becomes less harmful, ”he said, referring to the two countries that have the largest number of world championship teams based in their lands.

To date, the dates of the 15 races remain listed on the championship site as scheduled, the latest being the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on November 29.

Last week, Briton Ross Brown, the sporting director of the World Championship, was optimistic that a season of 17 or 18 races could be held, but his statements preceded the new move on Thursday, by announcing the postponement of the Netherlands, Spain and Monaco races, before the latter’s organizers announced his cancellation completely.

The Netherlands Grand Prix (May 3) was preparing to return to the championship calendar for the first time since 1985, a week before the Spain Prize (March 10).

A prize in the championship, which attracts thousands of celebrities to the streets of the emirate, with all its splendor and extravagant life, was completely canceled after its main race was scheduled for May 24.

Attempt to cope


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