On the World Water Day … 6 singers spun into the Nile


Today, the countries of the world celebrate the World Water Day, and everyone knows how important water and its uses are in our lives, whether for humans, animals or plants. Without water, we would not find a living creature on earth. Egypt is fortunate to have the Nile, which is the longest river in the world. The lifeline is said, and the artists have not forgotten their role in highlighting the importance of the Nile, through many songs that singing stars have sung from the days of Planet East until the present day, and we monitor through this report the most prominent of these songs.

Umm Kulthum, “Planet of the East”

Mrs. Umm Kulthum, “Planet of the East”, had the greatest share. During her career, she presented two songs, the first of which was called “The Nile”, which was written by the Prince of Poets Ahmed Shawky, and composed by Riyad Al-Sunbati. Al-Sunbati, in addition to some of the passages in her songs that she sang for the Nile River as well.

Mohamed Abdel Wahab, “a musician generations”

Mohamed Abdel-Wahab “Musician Ajyal” presented a famous song that everyone hears from time to time, which carries the name “Nile Njashi”, which is composed by the words of the prince of poets Ahmed Shawky.

Abdel Halim Hafez “Nightingale”

The nightingale of Asmar Abdel Halim Hafez also had the share in a song he gave in the love of the Nile, a famous song called “Ya Helou Ya Asmar”, which is one of the words of the poet Samir Mahjoub and composed by Mohamed El Mougy.

Peace success, “Egypt’s Lover”

Although the artist is a Lebanese peace success, but after the outbreak of the Lebanese war in 1974, her return to Cairo, in which she created many years of artwork, and from the intensity of her love for Egypt, was generous by granting her Egyptian nationality, and the success of Salam had many Egyptian national songs, including a song “I am the Nile, a graveyard for the invaders,” which is written by Mahmoud Hassan Ismail and composed by Riyad Al-Sunbati.

Mohamed Mounir, “The King”

King Mounir spinning in Egypt and its beauty through, where he presented a song called “O Bride of the Nile”, and used during the clip a number of scenes of the Nile River.

Sherine Abdel Wahab

The singer Sherine Abdel Wahab presented one of the most beautiful songs that has become stuck in everyone’s minds, and it is the song “Mashrbash by Nilha”.


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