On the occasion of Mother’s Day 2020, the most famous old and new Mother’s Day songs


Marking Mother’s Day 2020 The most famous old and new Mother’s Day songs presented by many stars during the past years and won the admiration and love of the Arab audience from the ocean to the Gulf, and Mother’s Day songs became the most prominent in celebrations Mother’s Day 2020.

The song “Sit Al-Habayeb” by Faiza Ahmed

One of the most prominent songs for Mother’s Day is the song “Set Al-Habayeb”, presented by the Egyptian artist Fayza Ahmed. It is an icon that is continuously repeated every year for this occasion. The song says: “Set El Habayeb, my beloved, my most precious of my soul, and my blood, my beloved, my beloved, most precious of My soul and my blood, compassionate, and you are good, O Lord, make you my mother

The song “My Mom, My Angel” by Fayrouz

The artist Turquoise I also presented a famous song on Mother’s Day titled “My Mother, My Angel,” and the song is considered one of the most prominent songs of the Lebanese artist, which she presented during her march to the mother. The song says: “My mother, my angel, my love is forever and your hands are still my swing and I am still a boy.”

The opera “My mom then my mom”

Among the modern songs that have received wide attention from the Arab audience on the occasion of Mother’s Day is the opera “My Mother Then My Mother”, in which a group of stars participated. Tamer Hosni, Jannat, Haitham Shaker, Rami Ayash, YaraIt is one of the words of the poet Ayman Bahjat Qamar, composed by Hamid Al Shaeri and directed by Othman Abu Al-Laban, and it was produced in 2008, and the words of the operetta say: “My mother then my mother until the last day of my life bosom from the beginning of my life and his concern is my concern. And live in it. “

The song of the Algerian rose for Mother’s Day

The late artist A rose The Algerian woman also performed one of her most prominent songs for the mother, which is the song “Mother’s Day”, which she presented in the series “Leaves of Roses”, which was shown in 1979, and it is one of the words of Abdel-Wahab Mohamed, composed by Baligh Hamdi. The lyrics of the song say: “Every year, you are good, you are my mother and back.” The days rejoice and congratulate, and on your Eid we sing and we give you peace.

Abdullah Al-Ruwaished song “Li Ra’a Al-mum”

Kuwaiti artist Abdullah Al-Ruwaished presented a song to the mother also in appreciation of her great role in building generations, and the song titled “Lee went to the mother” and her words say: “To me the mother went, what do you say, Sheser in the Brotherhood, from the first slips, O son of my mother? “.

The song “My Mom” ​​by Rashid Al Majid

As for the Saudi artist Rashid al_majed He presented more than one song on the occasion of Mother’s Day, but the best known is the song “My Mother”, which he launched in 1999 and says her words: “My mother, my first love, I lived in my life, the first name to pronounce my lips, you are my soul.

Hussein Al Jasmi’s song, “O my mother, my world.”

Emirati artist Hussein Al Jasmi also presented his famous song “O my mother, O the world of glory”, which met with great success at the Arab and Gulf levels, and her words say: “O my mother, O high world, I believe in the passion of the universe With your smile, rain, and your laughter, a green spring and its flowers opened up to me. “


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