On International Women’s Day … a bright future for Asian women


The world celebrates International Women’s Day, and by highlighting women’s sport, specifically on the Asian continent, we find that the wheel of development revolves, amid aspirations to reach the highest level of interest in women’s sport, especially football, which finds great interest from the Asian Football Confederation and some Arab and Asian federations. On the continent.On the administrative and technical levels, Asian women’s football has evolved, administratively, the AFC continued to celebrate the contributions of women involved in this sport, and it appears that the future of Asian women’s football will be brighter, as the Federation remains committed to encouraging more women to engage in the game of football, The results were enormous, with four women currently serving as members of the AFC Executive Board, while six national federations selected members of their general secretaries of women.

The official website of the Continental Federation published a report in which it indicated that the Yellow Continent Union has become one of the most continental federations for women in the position of “Secretary-General”, as Jordanian Samar Nassar of the Jordan Football Association, Kania Kiyomani from the Lao Football Association, and Suzan Shalaby of the Union The Palestinian Football Association, Manseh Zainli from the Pakistan Football Association, and Ratu Tisha Distria of the Indonesian Football Association, are among the candidates for the position of Secretary General in Asia, while the Mongolian Football Association recently appointed Mrs. Munkhzul Chulonbat as Acting Secretary General.

These appointments place the Asian Football Confederation alongside CONCACAF as the two continental federations that include women in the position of Secretary-General, confirming the commitment to ensuring more diversity and gender equality in leadership and decision-making.

Important tournaments
On the technical front, in 2019, the Asian Football Confederation announced a new era at the women’s club level by organizing the Asian Women’s Clubs Championship 2019, which is a pioneering tournament for the Asian and International Football Confederations, which was held in South Korea, as the Technical Committee and the Football Committee confirmed Females in the Asian Football Confederation are also committed to introducing women’s football strategy in the coming months.

In addition, the number of participants in the AFC Women’s Asian Cup, the most powerful women’s football championship in the continent, has increased from eight to 12 teams, and has also witnessed a record number by the presence of 21 countries that participated in the qualifiers for the last edition held in Jordan, which is the first time In which this tournament is organized in West Asia.

AFC initiatives continued off the field, with women forming part of the continent’s strong workforce with the appointment of Kim Se-min from South Korea, Nguyen Thanh Ha from Vietnam and Lao Chowk-chi from Hong Kong and a member of the AFC Executive Board Kania Komaniani, As the first women watchers to take charge of watching matches in the Asian qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and the 2023 Asian Cup in China.

In May 2019, the Japanese referee trio consisting of Wisdom Yoshimi Yamashita and assistants Makoto Pozono and Numi Tishirugi became the first female refereeing team to stage an AFC Cup match between Yangon United from Myanmar and Naga World from Cambodia.

This trend is likely to continue in 2020, as Yamashita, Pozono and Tchirogi passed the men’s fitness test. The AFC is also organizing the AFC Futsal Championship, as Iran is expected to defend its title this year after winning the title in 2018.According to the official website of the AFC, Kiyomani, who was also the first observer for the matches in the 2019 AFC Men’s Football Cup final, believes that this is just the beginning and more women will follow this way, and said: “The proportion of women in football is still on The level of the continent is low, although the AFC strongly supports gender equality and fair opportunities. It is important to keep everyone equal on football and this will raise our level of sport. ”

Shalaby, who is also a member of the AFC Executive Office, confirmed Kiyomani’s remarks, saying: “Women must be integrated in all aspects of football on the basis of merit and ability. For that to happen, women need to think of themselves as players, coaches and officials as a matter of fact rather than female players. Coaches and responsible women: You must be a key player in the team and not as a minority satisfied with its share. ”

For her part, Rato, who has more than 16 years of experience managing football before being appointed Secretary General of the Indonesian Federation in 2017, believes that women are now being recruited based on their experience and experience. “It is important to realize that women can join the footballing powers not only because they are women, or because the AFC and its accredited engineers give them a chance, but they get a job because they are competent and have good competitiveness,” she added.

The AFC has celebrated Women’s Football Day in Asia by honoring women and praising their participation and contribution to football. Federation figures indicate that a total of 30 member national federations have committed to participate in the celebration of Women’s Football Day in Asia in 2020 with more expected to join later in the year.


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