On her birthday, the artist, Maysara, reveals her true age and these are the reasons for her reluctance to marry


On the occasion of her birthday, which falls on the 24th of March, the Egyptian actress Maysara decided to reveal her true age to the audience, along with her talk about the reasons that led her to refrain from marriage and other details in her life that she had not previously spoken about publicly.

According to Egyptian media, the 53-year-old artist, Maysara, stated that although she did not have starring roles during her artistic career, she achieved successes in many of the other roles that she presented.

She added: “I was born to an Egyptian father and a Lebanese mother, and my mother did not agree to enter the art field, but after completing my university studies, I traveled to London and there I worked in the field of singing and advised me at the time of media and my grandfather Hakim to return to Egypt.”

“At the time, my mother agreed to enter the art field and started to play some roles in films, but I was disappointed by my failure to produce a cassette with my voice.”

And she continued: “When I reached the age of forty, I realized that my chance to have children became very weak and realized that the marriage train missed me. I could not give up my freedom for a man … My experiences with men in my youth were not good .. Most of them had schizophrenia .. He says what He does not .. And I said that if I did not find a man like my father giving me my freedom, I would not marry .. I thought about adopting a child, but I felt that I would be wronged with him because of the circumstances of my work. “

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