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Although nearly 5 years have passed since the travel ban was imposed on Iran, passports have vowed to apply the sanctions stipulated in the travel documents system and its executive regulations by prohibiting travel for up to 3 years and a fine of 5,000 riyals without prejudice to any more severe punishment. In a random tour of tourism offices and agencies in the eastern region, which showed exaggerated caution in dealing, as some of them denied that they were organizing trips to Iran, confirming that they offer trips to Iraq, and the customer can book a trip from Iraq to Iran. Perhaps it is a kind of apprehension and concern not to disclose their empowerment and their contribution to travel to a country prohibited to travel to. “Okaz” continued in a random survey with a large group of these offices that organize trips to Iran through contact and the application “WhatsApp”, and the results reached that these offices contribute to traveling to Iran by defrauding and leaving from one country to another.With a number of Saudi tourism campaigns that Okaz communicated with, there were trips to Iran with a itinerary starting from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain, and from Bahrain to Iraq, then from Iraq to Iran, returning to Iraq, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and reassuring that Iraq and Iran do not conclude entry and exit in a passport Saudi travel, but the stamp in the entry visa is an external paper.

The first office stated that it organizes trips on Thursday and Sunday, as the person himself goes from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain, then comes the role of the tourist campaign, which has provided him with a travel reservation from Bahrain to Iraq, indicating that Bahrain registers for him out of it, but Iraq does not register His entry in the Saudi passport, but rather in an external paper, then upon his arrival at Najaf airport he is transferred from Iraq to Iran (Mashhad) and remains for the period he wants and then returns to Iraq, and also stays in the period he wants or moves between its cities and then from Iraq to Bahrain and from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia.

5700 riyals for the 17-day trip

The other office stated that its itinerary is Saudi Arabia to Bahrain, then Iraq and Iran return to Iraq, then Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. When the editor of “Okaz” showed his fear of traveling to Iran and the presence of the stamp in the passport, the office assured the editor of “Okaz” that “he does not stamp the passport but with a visa; it is an external paper with an average price of 5700 riyals for 17 days.” While the third and fourth offices stated that they had stopped their flights temporarily, as Bahrain had stopped its flights to Iraq, and two weeks can be contacted to ensure that new flights can be operated.

The fifth office confirmed that he had flights starting from Bahrain to Iraq and from there to Iran, but due to the spread of Corona Virus, the flights in the Bahraini countries stopped his flights to Iraq, and accordingly the offices have stopped their flights and will resume them when allowing travel from Bahrain.

Passports warn

Despite the Saudi passports warning against traveling to banned countries, the campaigns still defraud and operate flights to and from Iran in irregular ways. Passport spokesperson Captain Nasser bin Muslet Al-Otaibi assured “Okaz” that if a citizen travels to one of the prohibited countries, travel will be taken against him for the penalties and fines for violating the travel regulations, but the tourism campaigns are still organizing their flights to Iran.

Disclosure is mandatory

The spokesman for the Eastern Region Passports, Colonel Mualla Al-Otaibi, stated that citizens who travel to the countries prohibited to travel to them are allowed to enter their country and apply the sanctions against them in the travel documents system and its executive regulations, stressing that within the framework of implementing the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, and in compliance with the directives of the Director General of Passports Major General Suleiman Al Yahya.

He said: «Information boards have been secured in several languages ​​and forms of disclosure in all ports affiliated to the eastern region’s passports, and workshops have been held for all our employees to emphasize the importance of asking incoming travelers if they visited the affected countries during the past two weeks to fill the disclosure forms approved by the Ministry of Health, as well as directing The suspected cases of injury to the health team in the port, and health affairs sent out the specialists to the outlets to educate the employees of the passports of prevention methods, and our outlets were provided with the necessary tools to protect them from sterilizers, gloves and masks ».

Punishment for violators

Sources confirmed to “Okaz” that the Passports Administrative Committee, which is the body that prosecutes violators of the provisions of the travel documents system and its executive regulations and has the status of an administrative court, has the right to summon violators, interrogate and gather evidence and achieve aspects of defense and other court procedures, and is observed in the conduct of The trial is general rules, and the violator is punished with a fine of five thousand riyals and a ban on travel for a period of up to three years.

And the political analyst, expert in Iranian affairs, Dr. Muhammad al-Salami attributed the reasons for Iran’s failure to stamp the Saudi passport for two reasons. The first is that Iran does not want to prove what it condemns by allowing Saudi citizens to enter Iran in light of the prohibition of this and severing ties, and the second is that some travelers to Iran have the same desire to hide the fact They travel to Iran from the Saudi authorities, in order not to affect their desire to obtain visas such as European and American.


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