Officially .. To postpone the “Tokyo 2020” Olympics!


The International Olympic Committee and Japan announced in a joint statement today, Tuesday, the postponement of the Summer Olympics that was scheduled in Tokyo this summer, against the backdrop of the outbreak of the “Corona” virus emerging.

“In the current circumstances and based on information provided by the World Health Organization today, President of the International Olympic Committee (German Thomas Bach) and Japanese Prime Minister (Shinzo Abe) concluded that the 32 Olympics in Tokyo should be postponed until after The year 2020, but not far from the summer of 2021, to protect the health of athletes and all those involved in the Olympic Games and the international community. “The Games were scheduled between July 24 and August 9. Earlier today, Bach and Abe held a telephone conversation, after which the Japanese official revealed that his country proposed to postpone the Olympics for a year. Abe explained, “I proposed a delay of about a year (for the Olympic Games), and President Bach responded 100% in agreement.”According to the news agency “Agence France Presse”, this step comes after increasing pressure on the organizers of the Games to postpone the scheduled date, against the backdrop of the “Covid-19” epidemic that led to the registration of about 17 thousand declared deaths around the world, and prompted the imposition of extensive restrictions On the movement of travel and travel, and frozen sports activity in various parts of the world. The current health conditions have also postponed many of the major sporting events that were scheduled this summer, most notably the European Cup and the Copa America South American Football Tournament, until next summer.

The ICRC and Japanese officials have confirmed in their statements during the recent period, to continue preparations for the establishment of the Summer Olympics on time, despite the outbreak of the “Covid-19” epidemic. But the committee found itself under increasing pressure from athletes and sports federations to decide to postpone the Olympics, against the backdrop of the current health conditions and the failure of the athletes to exercise adequately in preparation for the games that are often the most important leg of their career.

On March 22, the International Olympic Committee announced for the first time that the postponement of the Olympics was an absolute possibility, but it gave itself four weeks to make a final decision in this regard, before it officially announced the postponement today.

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