Officially: the English Football Association cancels its competitions


The FA finishes competitions and deletes results

Eurosport Team

March 26, 2020

The English Football Association announced on Thursday, the completion of several competitions and write-offs of the results of the 2019-2020 season, due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

The English Football Association has canceled several competitions organized by it, the National League from the third to the sixth, in addition to the amateur league competitions, for the current season.

The federation issued a statement through its official website stating the following: “These are difficult circumstances for English football, and all decisions taken in the interest of the game came in consultation with everyone, and our primary concern will be the safety and health of clubs, players, staff and officials during this unprecedented time.”

The statement added: “All steps were taken despite the financial impact, taking into account justice and safety of all, and accordingly it was decided to cancel the results of the third-to-sixth league competitions, and write off all results, which means not to crown or land any club besides the absence of climb, and included The decision is for women’s football competitions and the age levels as well, with regard to the FA Cup, we strive to complete this competition as possible. “

The English Football Association has also announced the cancellation of women’s level 3-7 tournaments, and the end of the season immediately, with all results eliminated.

As for the Premier League and first and second-tier competition, there are expectations that it will not return on April 30th, as was determined by the Premier League League, due to the ongoing crisis due to the outbreak of the Corona virus emerging.

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According to the English newspaper “Daily Mail”, the League League clubs will hold a new meeting next week, in order to set a new date for the launch of the Premier League competition, instead of the date set on April 30.


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