Octavia Spencer, the self-made millionaire, faced racism in the early twentieth century


In epidemic and home quarters, one sometimes finds himself in need of interaction with others. This may happen by seeing impressive human experiences through books, movies, or series, for example, that distract us from the chaos hitting the globe. In the absence of cinema and the almost-out of what is outside the walls of homes, digital broadcasting platforms become an essential window on the world. On March 20, Netflix landed a short four-episode drama series called Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker, LeBron James and Maverick Carter signed production. A warm story of unbridled ambition that knows no boundaries and overcomes all odds (chiefly racism and sexual prejudice) of a woman who built an empire from A to Z, in which the spirit is transmitted by Octavia Spencer. The American actress, who many critics believe had waited until last year to show her true ingenuity in Luce (directed by Julius Onah), despite previously winning an Oscar and being nominated twice. According to them, including Benjamin Lee in the British newspaper, The Guardian, Spencer did not provide all of her work as The Help (directed by Tate Taylor 2011), Hidden Figures (directed by Theodore Malfi-2017) and The Shape of Water (directed Guillermo del Toro – 2018). In this series, the 47-year-old actress outperforms her modest fellow performers, such as: Tiffany Haddish, Blair Underwood, Carmen Iguogo, Garrett Morris and others.
We are faced with a work inspired by a true story of an African American woman, born to parents who were freed slaves, whom she lost at the age of seven before marrying at fourteen to escape a battered brother, and returned the ball three times. Sarah, who became known as «Madame C. Jay Walker “(relative to her husband), she missed the lowest” standards of beauty “according to whites and blacks her day, and rose up against poverty with her determination and blazing mind. American washing machine Sarah Pridlov (1876-1919) created a beauty empire known today as Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture (founded in Indiana in 1910) is concerned with manufacturing hair care products, becoming the first self-made millionaire in the history of her country. Here, it should be noted that the beginning was with products intended for African-American women who were brought out by the beauty professionals from the equation at the time. Walker hired thousands of black women and girls, and she left in 1919 after suffering from kidney failure, leaving behind a revolution estimated at between $ 600,000 and $ 700,000 (today ranged between $ 8.9 and $ 10.7 million), according to Smithsonian magazine. “All I wanted was to help those with colored skin. Very few of us reach our destinies – we are separated, undermined, ignored, overlooked, or even worse; we are beaten and executed, ”says Madame C. Jay Walker »in the series for sales representatives who threaten to strike in protest at supplying products at a popular store. At this moment close to the end, the heroine realizes that her unbridled capitalism has almost ruined her business.
Many know Walker as a woman filled with determination, persistence and ambition, an anti-murderist and a proud feminist who talks about the power of women in education, income and self-expression. However, this lady is almost absent in Self Made for a selfish and greedy one, focused on earning money at the expense of her family and often her employees. As for her relationship with her only daughter, “Laila” (embodied by Haddish), she is cold and unloved, not to mention that she is difficult to believe because the two actresses seem very close in age. “Lilia” is a woman stuck in a love-free marriage, and she is a lesbian who conceals her sexual identity, an untiring attempt (and fails) to win the acceptance and love of her mother. In the context of fallacies away from reality, there are those who see exaggeration in Sarah’s hatred of her husband, who plays the role of Underwood, as he underestimates him at every turn and does not give him any credit at all for her success, even though it was her husband’s father who enabled her to create a first Beauty salon and launch its project in his home.

The text is one of the main weaknesses

Perhaps the most surprising thing in the work is filming «Madame C. Jay Walker »As a person who thinks African women have had to straighten their hair and decorate it with long braids to be beautiful and successful! However, according to historical accounts, Walker, who suffered from hair loss at an early age, started her business to promote frizzy and healthy black hair, and also helped launch and spread the hot comb, a method of straightening hair as a hairdressing option only.
The text, in turn (written by Nicole Jefferson Asher), constitutes a weakness in the work, in which the characters repeat the same sentences in one episode, while the rest of the dialogue is a mixture of cliches and stereotypes, as the bad guys (more like caricatures) plan to bring down the Walker company while trying to Octavia Spencer to add depth to the endless Madame Walker deals around hope, hard work and legacy.
Self Made is gaining in importance from the standing of the character he addresses, although what Alexis Ned said in Mashable and Mike Hayle in The New York Times is correct: “Work is like a first draft that needs a lot of refinement and development.”


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