No matter how hard life is, we can resist


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In the video .. Najwa Karam to «her fans»: No matter how difficult life, we will be able to resist, today Saturday 28 March 2020 09:32 AM

Beirut (Sada):

Lebanese actress Najwa Karam participated with her followers, the health crisis hitting the world, through a song accompanied by a comment in which she wrote “No matter how difficult life is, we will be able to resist.”

The song that Najwa Karam published on her Twitter account touched the reality in which we live in our world now, after the outbreak of the deadly virus.

Najwa Karam, through the song, sent an invisible, emotional message that made the world silent, and Najwa accompanied the video with a comment by H: “No matter how difficult life, we will be able to resist, because God does not cost a soul except its power.”

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