Nicole Saba called “the muzzle” for fear of Corona .. She commented: What a hobby



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Lebanese artist Nicole Saba appeared wearing a muzzle while in an airport, fearing infection from the Corona virus, and published it through her account on “Instagram” site, commenting on her: “Prevention is the best treatment … No need for intimidation … What a hobby.”


The Lebanese actress Nicole Saba presented her apology to the makers of the series “The Other Face” starring the star Majed Al-Masry, scheduled to start filming in the coming period, written by Fida Al-Shindawili, directed by Samih Al-Nakash, produced by Synergy, and her apology came for her association with several artworks in Egypt and Lebanon, where she did not have Plenty of time to shoot the series right now .


The Lebanese Ministry of Health has announced the registration of a new infection with the emerging corona virus “COVID-19” For a Lebanese woman coming from Britain, bringing the total number of people infected with the virus in the country to 16.

The Ministry of Health appealed to all arrivals from countries experiencing a local spread of the virus to fully comply with the measures of domestic isolation, in an effort to combat the epidemic.

The Lebanese Minister of Health, Dr. Hamad Hassan, has announced that his country is still in the phase of containing the Coronavirus, and has not yet reached the stage of spreading.

The Lebanese Minister of Health, Dr. Hamad Hassan, discussed with the United Nations Coordinator for Activities in Lebanon Philip Lazarini, the representative of the World Health Organization in Lebanon Dr. Iman Al-Shanqeeti, and the representative of UNICEF in Lebanon Yuki Moku, ways to enhance communication and cooperation between the Ministry of Health and the international organizations with all its specialized agencies to help In the new Corona epidemic control department.

The coordinator of the United Nations activities in Lebanon confirmed the complete readiness to activate cooperation with the competent ministerial committee to combat the epidemic headed by Prime Minister Dr. Hassan Diab.

While the representative of the World Health Organization indicated that the organization is committed to providing support to Lebanon to help fight the Corona crisis.


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