Newspapers secrets 25-03-2020 – Lebanon


The daytime: secrets

Contacts are taking place between the Lebanese community in Britain, especially students who are studying there, and the Lebanese embassy in London, with a view to securing a plane carrying them to Beirut, after corona injuries have increased among some of them far from the capital.
It was noted that the Syrian regime, which has not yet recognized the presence of coronary injuries in its country, prevented night curfews from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am, as it feared the situation would worsen.

The widening gap between citizens, government and politicians is recorded, and its indicators appeared during the donation campaign on one of the television screens when most donors stipulated that official institutions should not interfere for fear of stealing money.
The Republic: Secrets

A medical reference noticed that some of the official headquarters ignored the simplest rules of prevention after looking at some pictures that did not notice any buffer distances between the participants in the meeting.
A senior official described the abuse of a Lebanese figure who was exposed to a health crisis as the biggest moral crime that requires the movement of the judicial and security services and the prosecution of their perpetrators.
More than one person is trying to contact partisan officials to find out who is covered by the new classification given by their leader.

Building: mysteries and scenes

Financial sources expected that the Capital Control Bill would be lengthened by the Minister of Finance before re-putting it before the Council of Ministers due to constitutional problems that extend its devotion to the principle of allowing the authorities to control the absolute right to dispose of the private property, as guaranteed by the constitution and bank deposits and one of these private properties guaranteed freedom in the constitution.


UN sources said that they expected progress in the negotiations on the Yemeni track, as a translation of the UN Secretary-General’s call for a comprehensive ceasefire in all areas of the armed conflict. The sources said that the initial contacts made by the UN envoy in Yemen on the fifth anniversary of the war carried positive signs.

The general: secrets
The identity of two people, who were arrested in connection with an assassination attack two days ago, is being checked.
The trend is increasing to end the academic year in schools and universities in unconventional ways.
Local authorities in the villages were asked to work within the general mobilization plan, and public safety requirements.

The call of home: anonymity

Members of the minister’s advisory team are said to play a pivotal role in the government, dissatisfied with the minister’s performance in dealing with crises and files.
One of the ministers in a special council justified the government’s failure to declare a state of emergency, saying: “The declaration of emergency needs to provide food alternatives for people with low incomes.”
Corona’s preoccupation did not prevent the conflict raging again between two Christian currents, amid high levels of fears that this dispute would be reflected in the government.


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