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Abdullah Otaif

Sport 360 – Sergey Busquets made a superstar Barcelona By sending a special gift to Abdullah Atif, the midfielder Crescent moon After the last procedure.

Abdullah Atif, on his Twitter account, posted a photo of him with BN Sport correspondent Ashraf bin Ayyad, along with his Busquets shirt and his signature.

Busquets sends a gift to Otif

“Thank you very much Sergio for this very special gift, thank you also, my brother Ashraf,” wrote Abdullah Atif, on his Twitter account.

Ashraf bin Ayyad also commented on his Twitter account: “After Busquets learned of the operation Abdullah had undergone, the Barcelona player charged me to transfer this gift to Atif, who always deserves all the best.”

While tweeting an account F.C.B Official, welcome to Abdullah Attif: “I analyzed Ahlan and set foot easy! We are glad you are in Barcelona, ​​hoping to be back soon. ”

Otif and Bin Ayyad

Otif and Bin Ayyad

Abdullatif performed the endoscopic operation on the location of his knee injury under the supervision of doctor “Ramon Kujat”, and it became clear during the exploratory endoscope that he had a cut in the cruciate ligament, and the ligament compensation was performed in the same operation.

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