News and Reports – Ibn Sina Hospital in Mukalla reveals the fact that a Coronavirus infection was recorded


Aden Time – Private:

The director of the Ibn Sina General Hospital Authority, Dr. Al-Abed Rabee Bamousa, denied any case of coronavirus infection, explaining that laboratory tests of the suspected case confirmed her dengue fever, at dawn Tuesday in Mukalla.Dr. Bamousi said, in a post on his Facebook page, that what was reported by social networking sites about the presence of a case of coronavirus is not correct, indicating that the case of suspicion, was a young man aged 18 years of age, after suffering from dengue fever after he arrived The hospital is in poor condition.

Dr. Bamousi added: “Despite our sorrow over the loss of the young man, we then discussed how to deal if there were injuries.”
Bamousa confirmed that the epidemiological surveillance team denied the presence of corona infection after conducting the necessary tests.
In a related development, the governor of Hadhramaut, Major-General Faraj Salmin Al-Bahsni, said, in a televised interview on the “Hadhramout” channel, that there are indications that the situation is serious, pointing out that the local authority will have to declare a state of emergency in all the provinces of the province in the coming days.
The Health Office of Hadramout, Coast, had earlier denied any infections.

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