News and Reports – Bin Brik calls for continuing efforts to support Saudi Arabia


Saturday – 14 March 2020 – 01:42 AM

Aden / Aden Time

The Vice-President of the Southern Transitional Council, Hani bin Brik, called for gathering all the efforts of the southerners with the Saudi-led coalition and missing all opportunities for those who want to disrupt these efforts.
Ben Brik said in a tweet on Twitter monitored by the editor of Aden Time:
I see gathering all our efforts like we are always with the Saudi-led coalition that sponsored the Riyadh agreement and we miss all opportunities for anyone who wants to disrupt these efforts.
He added: the directions of the southern leadership are clear in standing with Saudi Arabia.
On Friday, the city of Aden witnessed a wide spread of security after the coalition forces attempted to replace the Aden Police Airport’s Aden airport protection with forces recently trained in the Kingdom.


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