News 24 | You receive it on your mobile phone. “Justice” launches the electronic instrument service in all courts


Ministry of JusticeThe Ministry of Justice announced today, Friday, the launch of the electronic instrument service in all courts after the success of the experiment in the labor courts, in order to facilitate the beneficiaries and provide the service in an accessible way, as a precaution against infection of the new Corona virus (Covid 19).

She explained that she has activated the “electronic instrument” on court systems, where the most important steps of the judicial work have been transferred to electronic dealing, noting that the new service is a major qualitative shift in judicial procedures.

She added that the provisions of rulings in the past were handed over to the parties to the lawsuit manually, but now they receive them by text message on the mobile phone without paper procedures and without a court appearance, and they can also view them through the Nagis portal.

The Ministry indicated that requests for objection to rulings and appeals are available to parties to the dispute in cases through the Nagis portal as well, and they are received and submitted to the competent appellate courts in electronic form as well.


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