News 24 | Watch … “Trade” publish a video of a huge warehouse containing large quantities of food


Ministry of CommerceOnce again, the Ministry of Trade assured consumers of the availability of food and catering products in large quantities in all regions of the Kingdom, in light of fears of a decrease in supplies due to the “Corona” virus crisis.

The Ministry has published a video clip from inside one of the major national food warehouses and outlets to sell them, where the section shows the availability of various commodities in abundant quantities, such as rice, flour, oils, sugar, and others, as shelves of sales outlets appeared full of goods offered to consumers.

And supervisory teams including several parties have carried out inspection tours of pharmacies and medical supplies store, to verify the availability of tools to prevent “Corona” virus.

The Ministry of Commerce indicated that more than 27,000 rounds were implemented on all sales outlets in all regions of the Kingdom during the period (1-20) this March, to verify the availability of essential and essential goods and products and the stability of their prices, and to verify the abundance of masks and sterilizers and the lack of exaggeration in their prices.


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