News 24 | Walid Al-Farraj responds to his critics with his admiration for the crescent more than others


picture Sports journalist Walid Al-Farraj responded to criticism from some viewers of his “Al-Koura with Walid” program about his interest in Al-Hilal Club at the expense of other clubs, especially Al-Nasr Club.

Al-Farraj commented: “Actually, I am not a fan of Al Hilal, but I admire him. I am also a fan of some clubs, and I hope to receive this honor, because they are ancient clubs that have achieved many achievements and championships.”

He pointed out that there are some clubs that may not have received the same support as other clubs, but they are still “old clubs that offer us generations behind generations of stars, but I am not obliged to tell the history of any club just because it won one of the championships.”


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